Artist Statement

My passion for artistry and creativity are the motivation in my life and I cannot remember a time when this were not so. I love all forms of art and craft, as long as it comes from the heart and stirs the soul.

Though some respond to my work for it's dark and creaky appeal, my message is seldom gloomy, more often it speaks to our collective human experiences of love, longing, faith, humor and the realization of the eventual inevitable. Things essential to the human soul.

I am in love with the creative process. I don't limit myself to stick to any tight guidelines or genres. My roots are in photography, but I'm eager to continually break through to any vehicle which effectively carries my message or sentiment du' jour. There is a quirky victorian elegance to much of my work. Sometimes it reaches icy fingers around your heart and whispers hopeful reminders to recognize and realize our lovely here and now.

Being a born collector, assemblage comes naturally to me. I'm continually searching for potential elements at flea markets, yard sales, trash bins and gutters. My palette is gothic, my destination is elegance and order.I paint everything black before I consider it's inclusion in a piece, reducing the objects to simple shapes and forms, then I build out lush and lavish landscapes for my myriad of subjects and objects.

It is my intention to connect with, titillate and move my audience through my work. It is my life's greatest pleasure when I am able to do so.